The 50+ Best Places To Download Free PowerPoint Templates

The 50+ Best Places To Download Free PowerPoint Templates

We’ve scoured the web for the best places to download free business PowerPoint templates and this is our handy guide for the busy professional.

A beautifully designed template enhances the professionalism and performance of presentations, whether you are pitching investors, presenting ideas to colleagues or making a sales pitch to your target customers.

These templates come from some of the best designers around the world. Our skilled Konsus research team has hand-selected the best websites that offer free, high-quality templates that will make your presentation shine.

The Top Places To Find Free Powerpoint Templates

1. Behance
Behance boasts some of the best design talents on the planet, as you will be able to see in their freely downloadable PowerPoint templates. Templates like this Startup pitch deck help you tell a story with great visuals that bring the story to life.

2. Slides Carnival
Slides Carnival
Slides Carnival has a great collection of free PowerPoint templates for business professionals. Their collection features startup templates, playful templates, as well as inspiring and creative templates that are updated monthly.

FPPT offers some of the best templates like the Molecule template, which is suitable for a business or medical context. These intricately-designed templates by FPPT help you capture the attention of your audience as you deliver your message.

4. Slidesmash
Slidesmash has free templates ranging from business and medical, all the way to technology pitch decks. The slides are fully editable, including high-quality vector graphics, and come with a 16:9 widescreen layout.

5. AllPPT
If what you need is a real estate slide deck, you can turn to ALLPPT’s real estate PowerPoint templates. ALLPPT’s templates come in a variety of categories like finance, business, recreation, sports, and military.

6. Slide Hunter
Slide Hunter
SlideHunter is a site that allows you to upload and share your PowerPoint templates. It has great templates for industrial, corporate and other presentation categories.

7. Graphic Panda
Graphic Panda
Graphic Panda aggregates plenty of iconic PowerPoint templates for your presentation needs. These include the Company Profile template, as well as others for business and startups.

8. Slide Model
Slide Model
Slide Model has specialized business templates for PowerPoint, covering topics like marketing, strategy and the like. They all come with a sharp design and aesthetics. Users have a daily download limit for these designs, though.

9. Presentation Load
Presentation Load
Don’t let the demands of creating a professional-looking slide deck overwhelm you, especially if you have these great templates available from Presentation Load. Their free templates work for business meetings, conference keynotes, and other occasions.

10. Slide Mart
Slide Mart has some stylish PowerPoint templates that will suit your ambitious presentation goals. When you need a look that plays up your brand, like for fashion or sportswear, Slide Mart has just what you need.

Free PowerPoint Templates For Business Professionals

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11. Slideist
Slideist has some great, stylish looking templates that will work for you in a corporate presentation. If you’ve ever wondered how to get that corporate look that wins over everyone in the audience, Slideist shows how it’s done.

12. Presentation Magazine
Presentation Magazine
For a business presentation, Presentation Magazine has accumulated some freely downloadable PowerPoint templates that are very easy to use. All you need to do is swap in your presentation’s contents and you are good to go.

13. Kingsoft
Kingsoft does a good job with its free PowerPoint templates targeted at business people. You can adapt these slide decks for everything from pitches to corporate meetings.

14. Microsoft Office
MS Office
Microsoft certainly knows a thing or two about PowerPoint design, as they prove with their free PowerPoint templates. This upbeat Rainbow-themed PowerPoint template, for instance, is great for announcing something major, like your startup’s IPO!

15. PPTTemplate
PPTTemplate has loads of creative templates that ensure your presentation will have plenty of spark! Their templates serve specialized areas like cyber-security, food service and e-commerce.

16. PowerPoint Template
True to its name, Free PowerPoint Templates brings you well-designed templates for every occasion, ranging from sales presentations to festive presentations. They also have some modern abstract designs for those who want something truly unique.

17. Powered Template
Powered Template
Powered Template helps you make presentations with flair. The site contains many free templates well-suited for business presentations.

18. PowerPoint Styles
Powerpoint Styles
The savvy PowerPoint presenter will want nothing more than an idea and some great templates from PowerPoint Styles. These templates are perfect for showcasing your brand or telling your story.

19. Smile Templates
Smile Template
Smile Templates has everything from templates for PowerPoint to Google Slides templates. If you are looking to deliver a business presentation, this is a worthwhile place to check for some templates.

20. SlideGeeks
SlideGeeks presents an innovative collection of free PowerPoint templates. To download these, you will need to create an account and share the link, but they have so many templates to choose from that it will be worth it.

21. Free PPT Backgrounds
Free PPT Backgrounds is great for when you need a simple, minimal template that is super easy to customize. These templates are easy to get started with.

22. Free PowerPoint Templates
Free Powerpoint Template
Free PowerPoint Template categorizes its templates in medical, business and abstract categories. You can quickly get a presentation made with one of these as a starting point.

23. Leawo
Leawo’s templates are full of creativity and variety, helping you make outstanding slide decks. The wide collection covers everything from NBA themes to Disney and finance.

24. Best Powerpoint Templates
Best Powerpoint Template
Best PowerPoint Templates helps you create stunning presentations. You can drag and drop elements into the template and customize the text and be good to go in a matter of minutes. You have to share a link to your social media to use the downloads.

25. PPT Backgrounds Template
PPT Background Template
PPT Backgrounds Templates gives you access to a wide selection of templates well-suited to business presentations. Categories include technology, sports and finance.

26. Slide Team
These templates from Slide Team will help you engage your audience. The slides cover business topics and are appropriate for corporate settings.

27. Professional PowerPoint
Professional Powerpoint
Professional PowerPoint has categories like nature, business and games. These will be handy for standing out at your next presentation.

28. All Free Download
All Free Download
Free PowerPoint templates from All Free Download will help you deliver a pitch that meets the highest standards. There is a wide variety of themes and color combinations to choose from.

29. Presentation FX
Presentation FX
Presentation FX is all about providing great PowerPoint templates for professionals and businesses. Their templates will work for those preparing presentations on topics across the full range of business functions.

30. E-learning Heroes
Elearning heroes
To liven up your presentations, grab a free template from E-Learning Heroes, featuring slick design. With these in hand, your presentations will be that much more persuasive and convincing.

31. Invest in Tech
Invest in Tech
Invest In Tech has some lively PowerPoint templates to help you in your presentations. The themes available are suited to general business presentations.

32. Xerox
Xerox provides some great PowerPoint templates for small businesses. The brilliance of these designs will be a hit with your audience.

33. Template Wise
Template Wise
Template Wise brings your story into the spotlight with colorful PowerPoint templates. Their categories include team slides, internet and business strategy.

34. Improve Presentation
Improve Presentation
Improve Presentation gives you a new free PowerPoint template every week. The professional designs will help your startup and app slides stand out.

35. The Power of PowerPoint
The Power of Powerpoint
The Power of PowerPoint enables you to craft compelling stories and deliver them through outstanding slides. These templates will help your brand shine.

36. Indezine
Indezine lets you name a fair price of your own to download some great looking PowerPoint templates and designs. You can well choose to pay zero, but you are sure to realize these templates are worth much more than that.

37. Background PPT
Background PPT
For the quintessential business PowerPoint templates, Background PPT is a great choice. They allow you to freely download some great themes to deliver your message.

38. Brainy Betty
Brainy Betty
Brainy Betty offers you templates in categories like holiday and Christmas, as well as arts and crafts. These templates will look good for company holiday events.

39. Eureka Template
Eureka Template
Eureka Template has a range of PowerPoint templates in categories like abstract, nature and sports. These professionally-designed templates help you stay on message.

40. Teachable
Teachable has collected some gorgeous free PowerPoint templates you can download. These are sure to improve the responses to your presentations.

41. Dribble
The talented designers at Dribbble have delivered some of the best PowerPoint templates anywhere on the internet. With these, your business presentations are sure to move your audience.

42. Graphic Slide
Graphic Slide
Graphic Slide has professional PowerPoint templates with multiple pages. The slides make it easy to get a beautiful presentation without starting from scratch.

Konsus' outstanding PowerPoint designers are available 24/7 if you need to start from scratch to design a professional, persuasive presentation using your branding.

43. Site2MAX
At Site2MAX, you get some real attention-grabbing visual aides for your presentations. These are templates with a striking level of professionalism and design skill.

44. Showeet
Showeet helps you take your corporate or business presentation to the next level. Their templates feature business-friendly colors with nice visuals.

45. Graphics Land
Graphics Land
Graphics Land has a good number of free templates which you can download singly or as a single download. These business templates are fast and convenient.

46. Elearning Brothers
Elearning Brother
With a free membership to Elearning Brothers, you get access to over 75 free templates and resources. Their handy PowerPoint resources are great for the busy professional looking to save time.

47. brings you over 30 PowerPoint templates. Their corporate templates come with professional colors and instructions for customization.

48. Duarte
The beauty of templates like Duarte’s is the time savings on presentation work. Duarte gives you some PowerPoint templates for a headstart in your business presentations.

49. Hipsthetic
Hipsthetic’s PowerPoint templates are geared for making a bold presentation. With unique design and style, these templates rise to the occasion.

50. Free PPT Files
Free PPT Files
For law and legislation, telecommunications or food and drink templates, check out Free PPT Files. Their templates come in a great variety of categories.

51. Presentation GO
Presentation GO
Presentation GO is the free PowerPoint library, bringing you helpful resources for every presentation type. Their PowerPoint templates feature tasteful design.

52. Pixel Surplus
Pixel Surplus
If what you need is a beautiful template for a special presentation, you could do worse than Pixel Surplus. Pixel Surplus boasts some eye-catching templates that can help you create a unique talk or presentation.

53. Office Timeline
Office Timeline
Office Timeline is for when you want to show some timelines in your presentation. Their timeline templates make for a great starting point to build your presentation around.

54. Ginva
Ginva has collected some great PowerPoint templates on topics like social media and digital marketing. These will be great for delivering a talk on social media and related topics.

55. Free Google Slides Template
Free Google SLide template
Free Google Slides Templates has collected some great templates for Google Slides in standard and widescreen formats. The great thing is that these have been made to be compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.

56. WPFreeWare
WPFreeWare is a great launching point for your PowerPoint slide design efforts. Their wide collection of free templates will spur your imagination on and help you create the best possible slide deck.

57. Slide Bean
Slide Bean
Slidebean is your antidote to slide creation efforts that take a life of their own and stretch on for hours. When you pick their ready-made templates, you can create a professional looking business pitch deck in a matter of minutes, instead of hours.

Be Unforgettable With These Templates

Hopefully, these templates help you stand out in your next PowerPoint presentation. There is no shortage of helpful materials on the web to help you craft the perfect presentation. What is often missing is the ability to put it all together in a way that delivers for you. These templates are a step in the right direction.

In case you are interested in how these templates are created, you should check this quick video by one of Konsus Designers:

How To Create A PowerPoint Template

Konsus has some of the best PowerPoint designers in the business. Whatever your level of expertise with PowerPoint, our teams of designers and presentation experts can help you craft a compelling presentation.

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