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35 Best Pitch Decks From 2017 That Investors Are Talking About

Best Pitch Decks

(a collection from YC and 500 startups in 2017)

The United States is estimated to now have over 27 million Entrepreneurs. Since you are reading this, I am assuming you are one of them and are probably familiar with incubators like 500 startups and Y Combinator. They are some of the world’s largest startup incubators and fund hundreds of startups every year.

At Konsus, we have a long history with pitch decks, from our humble beginnings of preparing our own for Konsus at YC Winter 2016 to now having created 100’s of successful pitch decks for entrepreneurs all across the world, we’ve come a long way! However, with the ever-evolving world of business, we are still learning every day.

This is why we decided to take a deep dive and look at how these pitch decks are looking like in 2017. We have curated the 35 best pitch decks that were presented at Y Combinator 2017. Hopefully, you can get some inspiration for your own.


1) We Are Onyx

This startup pitch deck showcases a company which is the first all-in-one beauty destination dedicated to Black Women.

What we love about their presentation was the upfront statistic of 43% month over month growth, it was a definite attention grabber. A clear market potential ($17.5 billion) also potentially excited investors. Download Here

2) Crema

Crema delivers roasted-to-order high-quality coffee for caffeine enthusiasts.

What we love about their startup pitch presentation was the use of “Social Proof” by putting logos of well-known brands right at the start, which increased their credibility and trustworthiness. Download Here

3) Park Evergreen

Park Evergreen is a parking management software that runs entire parking facilities without relying on humans or hardware.

What we love was their showcase of experienced experts in their startup pitch deck. Presenting a dedicated team with cumulative years of experience will increase the willingness of investors to get involved. Download Here

4) Sick Weather

Sick Weather has created a software that helps to forecast sicknesses that revolutionize the healthcare industry. This startup by far has one of the best pitch decks.

What we love is ultimately their real-life successful case studies, among many other great things. Many startups failed to show any results even after a prototype has been launched. These guys definitely stood out. Download Here

5) IDWall

Another great startup pitch deck is from IDWall, which provides business security through reliable and automated (1) document validation (2) identity verification and (3) background checks.

What we love is when they shared their tangible growth target ($400,000 by end of April 2017). Many startups avoid sharing ambitious financial targets. When you present your company’s vision, it instills a confidence in the investors which IDwall did successfully. Download Here

6) Almabase

Almabase helps schools to engage with all their alumni.

What we love was their impressive start to getting 1 million users onboard within 8 months which was clearly displayed in the pitch deck. This shows the great potential that can be achieved with this software just by impressions or engaging their big pool of users. Download Here

7) Baloonr

Baloonr helps big companies such as Disney and Microsoft to remove bias from group work and perform optimized decision-making.

What we love about the startup pitch deck was really the smooth delivery of information. Remember, less is more. What made this pitch deck example a delight was the sole use of visuals and metaphors at the beginning to engage the audience, and effective storytelling to share their solution. Download Here

8) Fingertip Labs

Fingertip Labs aims to create an eyes-free controller for your Music & Apps that can be used while you are driving.

What we love was their introduction using stats which highlighted the market’s problem before sharing how their product is the solution. Providing context to your audience is important; a good start is half the battle won. Download Here

9)Open Door

Open Door revolutionizes co-living spaces for millennials in cities using a cost-efficient layout that provides communal spaces, but also privacy.

What we love inside their pitch deck was the slide that explained the traditional model vs their new model. Having a side-by-side comparison is very visually compelling. Download Here

10) Pluto AI

This company provides analytics for smart water management.

What we love was the fact that Pluto AI’s startup pitch presentation began with the main problem, and went “full circle” by reminding the audience the same info at the end of the presentation, making it memorable and capture attention. Download Here

11) iControl

iControl replaces paper with an iPad at construction projects for efficient documentation.

What we love was the interactivity of this startup pitch deck. The slide that shared the problem of too many documents all over the place was literally shown with many paper images populating all over the slide... brilliant! Download Here

12) Claim Compass

Claim Compass helps users get compensation from airlines seamlessly.

What we love from this pitch deck example was their first slide. They stated their value proposition in very few words and used the word “you”, to immediately involve the audience. Download Here

13) Owlr

Owlr provides a software that companies can integrate to make their cameras smarter, simpler and more secure.

What we love is the slide that presented the tremendous improvement of consumer ratings after their clients have used Owlr. Without a doubt, this was one of the best pitch decks. Download Here

14) EventXtra

EvenXtra is a one-stop event management platform for companies.

What we love the most about their pitch deck is that they asked the audience to guess their impact. That pause created an excitement and made the results feel even more compelling by cutting down 15 minutes waiting time to 15 seconds. We’re sold. Download Here

15) Card Life

Card Life’s mission is to help teams take control of their subscriptions so they can kick ass at work.

What we love was the achievement they shared, “Top 5 SaaS Product” as listed by Product Hunt in their amazing startup pitch deck. In short, a validation from a trusted third-party name will make your startup’s worth more than if you were to shout it out by yourself. Download Here

16) Kompyte

Kompyte help companies track their competitors real-time.

What we love about this startup pitch presentation was the smooth delivery from the start to the finish. Their demo about ‘how the product works’ was very easy to understand! Download Here

17) ChangeJar

ChangeJar is a secure mobile cash terminal that eliminates transaction fees for retail merchants.

What we love from this pitch deck was when the CEO said, “no other payment app can make that claim”because that meant that the company has done their competitor research thoroughly, and has a clear value proposition for their customers. Amazing! Download Here

18) DataTron

This superb startup found a way to increase data transfer speed by 100x more than the typical enterprise solution in the market.

What we love was exactly that slide which presented their ground-breaking solution, making this one of the best pitch decks to follow. To be honest, VC’s just need that 1 slide which hits the nail on the head! Download Here

19) StreamLoan

This startup helps consumers get home mortgages easily.

What we love was the delivery of the information. The speaker used his startup pitch presentation to support his verbal communication, rather than just repeating or reading off the slides. As simple as it sounds, not many speakers can do this, so Kudos to him! Download Here

20) Codec

Codec helps brands know what content their consumers want before they spend time and resources building them.

What we love was the use of icons and minimal text in their pitch deck example. Text-heavy startup pitch presentations tend to look cluttered and confusing, so using visuals promote audiences’ quick comprehension. Download Here

21) Trym

Trym is a micro business insurance company that offers its services to SMEs.

What we love was the step-by-step overview demo they used that was easy-to-understand, despite having a complex product (underwriting services), making this one of the best pitch decks. Download Here

22) Usetrace*

Usetrace is an artificial software tester.

What we love was that the startup seems funny... but they mean business. The use of hand-drawn comical illustration and style is refreshing when everyone else was using a professional look-and-feel. You do need to think out of the box to stand out! Download Here

23) BigControls

This startup helps companies minimize their compliance risk exposure, and stop wasting millions of dollars.

What we love from this wonderful startup pitch deck was the use of consistent, professional illustrations across every slide. Audiences know when you have invested in design (and when you don’t). Download Here

24) Voxeet

Voxeet helps companies experience free high-quality audio conference calling across devices.

What we love: Interactivity. They started off with a video! Interactivity is the in thing this year (2017) because it captures attention unlike anything else, just like how Voxeet’s startup pitch presentation did it. Download Here

25) Melodics

Melodics is an app that adapts to consumers’ abilities and musical tastes to help them get better at pad drumming, faster.

What we love: the use of familiar associations. Melodics’ use of popular celebrities was basically a way for them to speak in a voice and use examples that their audience can relate to. Download Here

26) Unicorn

Unicorn sells skincare for men (like a kick-ass butt mask) and is booming all over Asia.

What we love were two things. Firstly, when they showed their amazing growth in their first year, and secondly when they showed their main product. Showing how your product can be used is a neat trick in a startup pitch presentation. Download Here

27) Kiband

Kiband helps parents track their children so that they can explore but not get lost.

What we love was how the CEO made the audience experience (or imagine) why someone would need their product. This technique increases relevance, making it a great pitch deck example. Download Here

28) Mojilala

Mojilala is an enabler for artists to distribute their emojis to a global audience.

What we love was the insane amount of growth they had and how they have multiplied their user base with a $0 marketing spend. Investors love to see the ROI, and this startup pitch deck did just that. Download Here

29) Pawprint

Pawprint helps pet-owners know information about vets for their pet’s care.

What we love was the visual in their pitch deck to show how 15% vets in the US trusted them. Although the number is not huge, it presents the potential and how their brand has a nationwide presence. Download Here

30) Lighthouse

Lighthouse helps Managers become better Managers.

What we love in this startup pitch deck was the success story of a manager they shared that was relatable and effective. Sharing a real testimony will get your investors listening. Download Here

31) BeaconsInSpace

BeaconsInSpace helps brands to add a revenue stream from their mobile users without affecting user experience.

What we love from the CEO’s startup pitch presentation was when he shared what they have achieved (how many apps installed, what kind of customers have used them etc.) to show that they’re onto something great. Download Here

32) Printify

This startup helps entrepreneurs and brands create custom products to sell in their store.

What we love was how effortless it felt for us to understand their business model. Their use of flowchart and icons make it one of the best pitch decks available.


TRACE AIR is a drone data software that helps to verify construction site work.

What we love is the sharing of epic fail real-life photographs that the speaker shared. Humor is effective in making startup pitch presentations memorable, which makes this a delightful pitch deck example! Download Here

34) Cladwell

Cladwell helps millennials keep track of the clothing they have, and help them to buy less.

What we love is that they embraced a new market trend. While other startup pitch decks try to penetrate existing market with newer solutions, Cladwell is not intimidated by emerging changes but provides a new app with great MoM growth. Download Here

35) StudySoup

StudySoup helps students get high-quality study materials.

What we love from this fantastic startup pitch deck is really their clear strategy and plan to achieve their ‘$90 million’ goal. Many startups have dreams, but no concrete plans as to how they will achieve it. Download Here

In a nutshell There are many tips and tricks you can learn from this list of amazing startup pitch deck examples. To conclude, here is what we recommend:

  • Nail your financials: ROI, MoM growth, and potential market size.
  • Don’t be afraid to share your vision: But with a clear plan behind it.
  • Share success stories: Show prototypes, and compelling testimonials.
  • Inject humor: Make them remember you.
  • Use visual aids: Flowcharts, icons, and infographics help investors to digest data faster
  • Create a story: Share the problem, and tell them why your startup is the solution
  • Build credibility: Showcase your team of experts’, your experience and background
  • Give yourself an edge: Add a little flavor, that makes the brand “Uniquely Yours”

What do you think about this article? Any feedback? We would love if you would drop us a comment and let us know. Also, please help us and share it with your friends on your favorite Social Media channels.

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