Konsus Pricing

Simple, fully flexible and fair.

Konsus gives you the most cost-effective way to get work done on the internet today.

Project management and quality control included in price

When you think about it, nothing costs more than wasting your own time. Your dedicated Konsus contact manages everything end-to-end and performs quality control – all inclusive.

4x cheaper than agencies

Our base hourly prices are very competitive. Clients have saved up to 75% of hiring costs when compared to working with a traditional agency.

Same price as other freelancer platforms

Our rates are based on market rates for similar quality on platforms such as freelancer.com and upwork.com. Konsus freelancers spend less than 10% of their time looking for work, compared to more than 50% on other platforms. We can attract and retain the very best specialist talent.

No overruns

By far the costliest part of outsourcing, whether a plumber, an accountant or internet talent, is project overruns. At Konsus, we aggregate data from thousands of projects to produce accurate estimates that we stick to.

We are faster

Cost is not just the hourly rate, but also the number of hours worked. We use best practices from thousands of projects, purpose-built internal tools and extensive training of our Konsus community to increase speed by 25-40% across most types of projects.

No hidden fees

We just don’t have any hidden fees.

How it works

Describe your project
Describe your project
Tell us what you need to do, upload necessary files and set a deadline.
Get a quote
Get a quote
We send you a quote ASAP and then you give us the go-ahead.
Invoiced when project closes
Invoiced when project closes
When the project is done, your project manager will close it and an invoice is generated automatically.
Maclane Wilkinson
“Fast, quality work with minimal revisions/iterations required. Great job!”
Maclane Wilkinson
CEO and Cofounder, NuCypher