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Why Konsus?

Dedicated Project Manager

A project manager handles all communication and does quality-control of the project end-to-end.

Top-Rated Freelancers

Every project is staffed by one of our hand-picked and top-rated freelancers.

Customer Friendly Pricing

Per-minute billing and automatic disounts with increased usage. No overruns.

Read Case Examples from our Clients


Konsus designed a Facebook cover photo, designs for digital ads, as well as informative graphics for an upcoming Accenture event.


MARQTS messaged Konus with a request for high-end rollups that conveyed the companies desire to appeal to younger investors.


Konsus delivered a creative and polished presentation for Storylift in less than 24 hours.


Opinion provided Konsus with comprehensive consumer trend data, and we delivered easily absorbed graphs within a professionally designed PDF.

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“... freelancers for services like graphic design, data entry and web design.”

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Security You Can Trust

We protect files wherever they go with centralized security controls, reporting and automatic administration of access rights. We comply with strict information security standards, all personnel are background checked, sign NDAs and go through a confidentiality training.

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