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Konsus supports a number of major consultancies and auditors on a range of graphic design, PowerPoint and data entry tasks. These firms charge their clients several hundred dollars per hour, and are able to add more value to their customers through using an outsourcing partner for their office tasks.

Read Accenture’s Story

Marqts is a financial technology startup that is creating a social platform for investors. These guys know financial markets in and out, but as any startup they of course have way too much stuff to do. Konsus helps them to get more done.

Read Marqts’s Story

Storylift is a content distribution platfrom and content marketing agency. They are among the best in their field and are using Konsus for design and content writing, to be able to move faster and deliver more value to their clients.

Read Storylift’s Story

Opinion is a large market research firm that makes a LOT of PowerPoint presentations based on data they have collected from market surveys. In the competitive market research space, it is important to cut cost to get ahead. Enter Konsus.

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Security You Can Trust

We protect files wherever they go with centralized security controls, reporting and automatic administration of access rights. We comply with strict information security standards, all personnel are background checked, sign NDAs and go through our internal confidentiality training before they can take on projects. We use Box for file storage and file transfer. Read our full privacy policy.