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Konsus is a 100% virtual full-service design agency that uses modern technology to give companies a design experience that is fast, reliable and price-predictable.

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AnneLise Staal

AnneLise Staal

Director, Customer Engagement Skills Strategy

I have used Konsus for various Google Slides / Power Point decks over the years. All of them last minute, over night (usually sending the deck before I go to sleep and need it for the next day) with little to no direction. They have always delivered super high-quality work and always on time. They are able to work with a corporate style guide or create a new design system from scratch based on what I need. There is little to no back and forth with me, I trust them as they make smart design and content decisions. It's like magic, I just send it over night and wake up in the morning and it's done and done really well.

You may pay more than other similar services but they are in another league, you're getting a world class product and fast.


Reliable, efficient delivery. Every time.



Applicants are strictly recruited and trained to work on the Konsus platform.



Companies get a dedicated project manager that ensures quality and handles communication.



Nobody on the internet is faster than Konsus. Start a project instantly and get your project back within 12-24 hours.



Deadline reliability, quality guarantee, and full confidentiality are the reason enterprises choose Konsus.

Our process

Our process


All project files are encrypted and only accessible to the team working on the project, and all file downloads are logged. Everyone in Konsus signs a strict NDA and goes through confidentiality training. We have invested significant resources in our GDPR compliance and we comply with the Privacy Shield framework. Read full privacy policy here.

Enterprise Solution

Our Enterprise Solutions Team supports with procurement processes (RFPs, SOWs, NDAs, invoicing, compliance, etc.), setting up corporate accounts and onboarding team members, building dedicated Konsus teams, and other related topics.

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