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25 Creative Infographic Examples from Business & Technology That Went Viral | A Visual Treat to Inspire Your Next Infographic

25 Creative Infographic Examples from Business & Technology That Went Viral | A Visual Treat to Inspire Your Next Infographic

9900%. That is the amount visualized information has increased since 2007, according to Google Trends. A major player in advancing visual information is the infographic, and there are many infographic examples available. Take a look at some facts and figures surrounding infographic use and what makes them such a powerful tool for businesses today, including the fact that we can assess a visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second (The SAGE Handbook of Political Communication).

It’s incredible how widespread infographics are today. Infographics are even being used to make dynamic, remarkable resumes. There is nothing better than a well-designed infographic to deliver convincing, exciting information. Business and technology especially benefit from the use of infographics. Oftentimes there is a great deal of information you need to get to consumers, but the material is confusing or extremely technical. By both putting the data into bite-sized chunks and displaying it in a graphically pleasing way, you can disseminate information in a way that is easy to understand.

Infographic design inspiration may come easily to some, but if you want to create a compelling work of art that captivates and persuades your audience, you may need help. Luckily, we’ve compiled 25 creative infographic examples that went viral to motivate you to put your data into design.

Best Infographic Examples

1.Best Employers In America 2017 - 31K shares

2.Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs - 25K shares

3. Most Valued Companies In Past 100 Years - 21K shares

4. Famous Logo Redesigns - 7.3K shares

5. How Top 5 Tech Giants Make Their Millions - 47K shares

6. 10 Companies Own All Food Brands In The World - 36K shares

7. How Old Is Too Old To Start A Business? - 13K shares

8. US Solar Employs More People Than Oil, Coal and Gas Combined - 160K shares

9. What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You? - 12.3K shares

10. An Introvert's Guide To Job Interviews - 15K shares

11. 50 Must-Have Features For Small Business Websites - 8K shares

12. 9 Events That Changed Finance Forever - 1.2K shares

13. A Simple Guide To Bitcoin - 7.8K shares

14. Global War On Cash - 2.5K shares

15. 12 Tools To Run Your Business From Anywhere In The World - 7K shares

16. 10 Best Tech Hubs In The World To Live & Work - 6K shares

17. Is Your Startup Idea Already Taken? - 4.5K shares

18. Africa's Exploding Tech Ecosystem - 5.3K shares

19. How to Increase Conversion Rates on eCommerce Sites - 2.5K shares

20. State Of Social Media Demographics In 2017 - 4K shares

21. 6 Types of Bosses & How To Work With Them - 4.5K shares

22. B2B Customer Marketing Trends In 2017 - 3.2K shares

23. How Chat Bots Will Transform Customer Experience - 2.6K shares

24. Universal Basic Income - The Answer To Automation? - 19K shares

25. $63 Trillion Of World Debt Visualized - 24K shares

Now that you’ve found inspiration from the best infographic examples 2017 had to offer, learn how to create a stellar infographic using only PowerPoint. If you still need a boost to get your data and graphics combined into an attractive infographic, Konsus is here to help. Our writers can help you refine your content and our graphic designers can put the information into a beautiful presentation you’ll be happy to present to your market.

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