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Why Konsus?

Konsus is the world’s first freelance platform that puts the freelancers first. Unlike other marketplace models, we only work with the ‘creme de la creme’ of freelance talent, who get to choose what projects they work on and not vice versa.

Most freelancer platforms today don't work for the freelancer

Time wasted looking for work

Source: 2012 Freelancer Industry Report

Clients pay late or not at all

Crossover freelancer survey

Income fluctuation hard to manage

Crossover freelancer survey

Constant stream of projects

Having a small pool of highly qualified and prescreened freelancers allow us to offer them a constant stream of incoming projects and the opportunity to choose, this helps them spend their hours making money rather than chasing clients for work.

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You always get paid on time

Konsus lifts the heavy weight of getting paid off the freelancers’ shoulders. You will always get paid regularly for all your chargeable hours irrespective of if and when the clients pay, so freelancers are completely risk free.

We are building a community

Konsus has a completely flat organizational structure. By becoming a part of our community you get instant access to our amazingly fun and talented team, including our founders and CEO. We encourage and offer channels for the community to share experiences, help others and create a fun virtual workplace.

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I always wanted to work on Mac Software but could never afford it due to low work volume from other freelancing websites. I have been 2.5months with Konsus and finally purchased a Mac. I love working here, thanks for such an amazing platform
I can fully flex my own hours, which means I can spend more time with my daughter, working around the hours she's in nursery. And if we have a sunny day, it's easy for me to take a day off, taking her to the zoo
The best thing about Konsus is that I don’t have to look for work anymore. This saves me 2-3h of time everyday, I really love working with them