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Konsus Transcript Writing Service

Konsus offers premium transcription services for meeting notes, subtitles, court hearings, university lectures, market research groups, speeches and more. Our writers transcribe your audio files and place them in any format you require.

Based on your requirements, we will match you with one of our pre-screened expert transcriptionists who will start work within 30 minutes and can deliver within 12 hours. Just fill out a quick form and your dedicated project manager will coordinate and perform quality checks for you to make sure you're satisfied with the results.

Our unique service allows you to:

  • Use expert transcribers experienced in quick turnarounds and high-quality transcriptions.
  • Get transcription support for multiple languages.
  • Brainstorm with your account manager to refine your ideas for better results.
  • Combine with other services like content writing and PowerPoint presentation design to present your transcribed document in dynamic ways.
  • Create a team and set up ongoing content writing support. (Talk to your account manager to get started or get more details here).

The Brief

  • Clear audio file
    An audio file with as little background noise as possible provides the best results.
  • Budget
    The budget shapes your results. We strive for the highest quality, so check out our guidelines on pricing below the project your need and then prepare a budget accordingly.
  • Timeline expectations
    Transcription can take a while, so having a defined timeline for completion is important.
  • Preferred format
    If you have a preferred format for the transcription or a template, include that information.
  • Names of the speakers
    Having the names up front can save the transcriptionist from having to go back to try to find the names and edit the markers used for the speakers.

Transcript Tips

To better understand the process of transcript writing and perfect your vision, here are some tips for getting high-quality transcript writing:

  • Get the right equipment
    The first element that can set the tone for a high- or low-quality transcript writing is the equipment. In order to get the most accurate transcript, you need to have excellent headphones or earphones, a good keyboard and quiet surroundings.
  • Listen to the recording several times
    It is best to listen to the full recording first. Then, listen to it one more time, as you start transcribing. After you are done, listen to the recording and read your transcript simultaneously.
  • Format the transcript
    Formatting is particularly important when it comes to transcript writing. Transcript formatting is very specific and needs to include the names of the people speaking, page numbers, time and a new paragraph for each new voice.
  • Non-verbal communication
    Transcripts should also include nonverbal communication (laughing, sighing, etc.).
  • Proofreading
    Proofreading is done best while listening to the recording. Grammatical errors made by the speakers should not be corrected by the transcript writer.

Transcript Resources

Here are some great resources to help you with transcript writing:

  • Transcribe – A transcription tool that works completely offline and can be connected to your foot pedal for audio playback control.
  • A list of some of the best transcription software, with pros and cons.
  • How to Write a Transcript – A step-by-step guide on how to write a transcript.

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Our services

We write SEO-optimized blog content. We work best when you provide a specific keyword / topic you would like to target and guidelines on length / style.
We write anything from short memos to long reports. We do not support advanced technical writing, but frequently work together with a technical person client-side.
We write marketing copy for banner ads, websites, brochures or any other marketing material.
We also develop non-blog content for websites, such as product descriptions, about pages, FAQs or similar.
Our proofreading team scans any content for errors and provides you with a cleaned-up version. We most often work with the AP style guide, but can support other style guides as well.
We re-write and edit existing articles, presentations, brochures and all types of non-technical text.
We occasionally support clients on white papers, either by formatting / editing the white paper or by writing it from scratch. We typically work best alongside a domain expert client-side.
We transcribe interviews, videos, audio notes, write subtitles and other transcription services.
We also provide writing of press releases, product descriptions, eBooks and all types of non-technical text.


All project files are encrypted and only accessible to the team working on the project, and all file downloads are logged. Everyone in Konsus signs a strict NDA and goes through confidentiality training. We have invested significant resources in our GDPR compliance and we comply with the Privacy Shield framework. Read full privacy policy here.

Enterprise Solution

Our Enterprise Solutions Team supports with procurement processes (RFPs, SOWs, NDAs, invoicing, compliance, etc.), setting up corporate accounts and onboarding team members, building dedicated Konsus teams, and other related topics.