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Technical Writing

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Our services

Blog Writing
We write SEO-optimized blog content. We work best when you provide a specific keyword / topic you would like to target and guidelines on length / style.
Article Writing
We write anything from short memos to long reports. We do not support advanced technical writing, but frequently work together with a technical person client-side.
We write marketing copy for banner ads, websites, brochures or any other marketing material.
Website Content Writing
We also develop non-blog content for websites, such as product descriptions, about pages, FAQs or similar.
Our proofreading team scans any content for errors and provides you with a cleaned-up version. We most often work with the AP style guide, but can support other style guides as well.
Text Editing and Rewriting
We re-write and edit existing articles, presentations, brochures and all types of non-technical text.
White Paper Writing
We occasionally support clients on white papers, either by formatting / editing the white paper or by writing it from scratch. We typically work best alongside a domain expert client-side.
Transcript Writing
We transcribe interviews, videos, audio notes, write subtitles and other transcription services.
Other Writing
We also provide writing of press releases, product descriptions, eBooks and all types of non-technical text.

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