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PowerPointPresentation formatting


Presentation formatting

$29 per hour

Presentation formatting by top freelance presentation desginers

- We offer professional PowerPoint formatting and brushing up of existing slides. We ensure consistency and professionalism throughout your presentation in line with your existing template or a with a tailormade design.
- We usually spend 10-20 min per slide for professional presentation formatting of a typical 10 slide presentation, subject to the work required. This includes drafting, feedback, quality control, and project management. The more slides, the more efficient we are.

Effective, good work and inexpensive.
Silje Schei Tveitdal, Partner
Went beyond my expectations in terms of price and quality
Eric Abensur, Executive Coach
Abensur Consultingwww.abensurconsulting.com
Nice job! Thanks! I got what I wanted with no hassles for a reasonable price.
Robert Boucher
Robert Boucher