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Market research

$35 per hour

Market research service by top freelance researchers

- We can handle a range of market research projects including consumer behavior research, competitor research, product research, business environment research, market dynamics research and other custom projects.
- Our market research service is $35 per hour, and our researchers have a broad specter of research, analysis and writing experience. Time spent is dependent on the availability of the information requested, and on required analysis and writing.

Went beyond my expectations in terms of price and quality
Eric Abensur, Executive Coach
Abensur Consultingwww.abensurconsulting.com
Fast, quality work with minimal revisions/iterations required. Great job!
Maclane Wilkinson, CEO and Cofounder
Great job. Very professional!
HÃ¥var Bauck, Director and Co-founder
Savanna Sunrisewww.savannasunrise.com