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Data extraction

$19 per hour

Data extraction service by top data entry freelancers.

- We can extract consumer data, market data and competitor data from the web, extract meta data from websites, extract data from databases, extract data from consumer websites, blogs, forums, consumer reviews and other sources on the web.
- Our data extraction service is $19 per hour, and our freelancer specialists are equiped with a portfolio of tools and software that ensure maximum efficiency.

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93% customers recommend Konsus

Easy, pleasant, quick to grasp the idea. I hope to do more with this service.
Joline Godfrey, Consultant
Godfrey Partners, Inc.
Fast, quality work with minimal revisions/iterations required. Great job!
Maclane Wilkinson, CEO and Cofounder
Fast and reliable service. Very creative and talented.
Riten Patel
Shree Consulting,