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Corporate website design

$35 per hour

Corporate website design service by top freelance web designers

- We offer wireframe/template design and implementation of corporate websites using Squarespace. Our portfolio of corporate website design includes a variety of businesses from different industries.
- We typically spend 3-6 hours per page including wireframes, designs, and implementation using Squarespace. This is subject to page complexity, size of scope and whether or not you already have mockups, and includes quality control and project management.

Very responsive and good work.
Kevin O'Hara, CEO
Syus, Inc.www.syus.com
Silvia and her team were responsive and created what we needed very quickly.
Mike Baez, Applications Specialist
Micron Optics, Inc.www.micronoptics.com
Fast, quality work with minimal revisions/iterations required. Great job!
Maclane Wilkinson, CEO and Cofounder