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Keynote Template Design Service.
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Konsus Keynote Template Design Service

Konsus offers premium Keynote template design services with complete master slides that provide for easy editing of content. Our presentation experts can customize to your specifications including size and style preferences, brand identity, logo, color palette, font choices, background images, visual enhancements, animations and other graphics.

Based on your requirements, we will match you with one of our pre-screened expert Keynote designers who will start work within 30 minutes and can deliver within 12 hours. Just fill out a quick form and your dedicated project manager will coordinate and perform quality checks for you to make sure you're satisfied with the results.

Our unique service allows you to:

  • Use expert Keynote designers experienced in presenting easily-edited, branded templates.
  • Incorporate your brand identity into the presentation or try a new style. 
  • Brainstorm with your account manager to refine your ideas for better results.
  • Combine with other services like PowerPoint design and brand identity design to style a multi-platform presentation.
  • Create a team and set up ongoing PowerPoint design support. (Talk to your account manager to get started or get more details here).

The Brief

  • Goal
    The goal of the presentation and of each slide. This will give the designer clear directions.
  • Content
    Provide your content and be open to suggestions if it is too wordy. Overcrowded slides are messy and can detract from the purpose of the slide.
  • Style
    By knowing what style you want ahead of time, it saves time and money on several iterations because of too few styling/design directions.
  • Visual
    Having an idea of your preference for icons, custom graphics, photos or a combination of these elements makes the job easier for the Keynote designer.
  • Brand or color guidelines
    Include information on your brand guidelines, logos or color palettes that you want incorporated.
  • Budget
    The budget shapes your results. We strive for the highest quality, so check out our guidelines on pricing below the project your need and then prepare a budget accordingly.

Keynote Template Design Tips

  • Keynote has a wide array of functions compared to most similar platforms: even though you can count on your freelancer to be familiar with them, learn a little bit yourself so that you know how to best take advantage of it.
  • Even though it might be tempting to get carried away with Keynote’s possibilities, remember the rule of minimalism.
  • Find creative ways to integrate your brand into your presentation to keep it fresh in your audience’s mind.
  • Keynote templates can convey a variety of sentiments to your audience, so take the time to find one that’s right for you.
  • Even with the functionality of Keynote, remember that less is more.

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All our PowerPoint Design Services

Improve an Existing PowerPoint Presentation
Quickly brush up or completely re-design your existing presentation. Efficient professional formatting and creative high-end design.
Create a PowerPoint Presentation From Sketches or Notes
Presentation design based on your notes, sketches, images or descriptions. We can add visual enhancements, background images and other graphics.
Design a PowerPoint Template
We create a PowerPoint template with master slides exactly as you need them, incorporating brand identity, logo and other elements in your custom template.


All project files are encrypted and only accessible to the team working on the project, and all file downloads are logged. Everyone in Konsus signs a strict NDA and goes through confidentiality training. We have invested significant resources in our GDPR compliance and we comply with the Privacy Shield framework. Read full privacy policy here.

Enterprise Solution

Our Enterprise Solutions Team supports with procurement processes (RFPs, SOWs, NDAs, invoicing, compliance, etc.), setting up corporate accounts and onboarding team members, building dedicated Konsus teams, and other related topics.

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