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What is a pitch deck?

The presentation that entrepreneurs use, when seeking to fund their startups from venture capitalists and investors is popularly known as a “Pitch Deck”. The pitch deck usually includes the problem/opportunity that the startup is trying to tackle, the actual business model, its unique value proposition, financials, introduction to the team and an overview of their current achievements and future plan.

      Pitch Deck Design

      For any startup, getting funded is one of the biggest milestones in the path of success. Potential investors only offer a single shot at getting in front of them and pitching. So, it is extremely important for the pitch deck design to be on point for the entrepreneurs to make the best first impression. There are several different elements that contribute to a good pitch deck design. Scroll below to find everything you need to perfect your next pitch deck.

          Konsus Pitch Deck Service

          With a track record of designing winning pitch decks, we help our customers with all aspects of pitch deck design including conceptualizing and creating them from scratch or polishing your existing pitch decks to give them that premium look and feel.

              Pitch Deck Outline

                1. Title: Name of the company & founders (few details can be included).
                2. Problem/Opportunity: What is the pain point you are trying to address?
                3. Your Solution: What is your technology/approach to solve the problem?
                4. Competition: What other solutions currently exist in the market?
                5. Value Proposition: What differentiates you from competitors?
                6. Business Model: How do you plan to make money solving this problem?
                7. Financial Metrics: Include a 3-year forecast with key metrics.
                8. Accomplishments: What has your business accomplished so far (proof of concept)?
                9. Team Intro: Introduce your founding team with their roles and backgrounds.
                10. Future Plan: How you plan to use the money raised (& your vision)?

                Tips For A Perfect Pitch Deck

                • Nail your financials: ROI, MoM growth, and potential market size.
                • Don’t be afraid to share your vision: But with a clear plan behind it.
                • Share success stories: Show prototypes and compelling testimonials.
                • Inject humor: Make them remember you.
                • Use visual aids: Flowcharts, icons, and infographics help investors to digest data faster.
                • Create a story: Share the problem, and tell them why your startup is the solution.
                • Build credibility: Showcase your team of experts', your experience and background.
                • Give yourself an edge: Add a little flavor, that makes the brand “Uniquely Yours

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