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What is a Sales Presentation?

A sales presentation is the sharing of a specific product or service to educate and persuade an audience to close a sale. Without a doubt, it is usually accompanied with a PowerPoint or Keynote deck to help aid the delivery of the content.

Sales Pitch

A sales pitch is a line of talk, often used in sales presentation that attempts to persuade customers to close a sale. Depending on the nature of the offering, business model or industry, the response to a sales pitch can vary. Often times for big B2B purchases, the sales presentation is the first few contact points performed by the salesperson for prospective clients to inform them of the potential product or service they are offering. It can take weeks or months before an organization decides to close a deal after listening to the first sales presentation. On the other hand, a convincing and substantial sales pitch can also trigger immediate sales if the presenter clearly expresses the value of their offering.

Sales Presentation Design

Since it is pivotal to make an impressive and compelling sales presentation, the aesthetic value of the PowerPoint plays a huge role. The good news is, it’s not extremely difficult to study and understand the key components that contribute to a beautifully designed sales pitch. So, read on to get actionable tips you can apply to make sure you nail your sales presentations.

Konsus Sales Presentation Design Service

Ever since Konsus was first established, we have worked with over 1000+ big brand clients worldwide. A huge sum of our projects come from us designing sales presentations for big brands across multiple industries. In essence, we help our customers to conceptualize and design their PowerPoint content to make their sales pitch fail proof.

Sales Presentation Ideas

  • Research and prepare: Know your audience’s background. Demonstrate your in-depth industry and product knowledge so you can present with high competence.
  • Dress to impress: Communicating and captivating your audience compromise of body language as well, not just verbal cues!
  • Use your customers’ brands and testimonials as leverage: Brands attract brands. If you have big clients who are your happy or loyal customers, share it so your offering becomes more attractive. Nobody likes to miss out on good endorsed stuff.
  • Succinct delivery: Use short, sweet and simple terms whenever possible. We don’t recommend sales presentations to last longer than 30-mins.
  • Avoid jargons: To minimise miscommunication, avoid using terminologies which are not globally interpreted similarly.
  • Use visuals to aid content delivery: Having icons, illustrations and charts can be very useful when presenting complex messages. However, remember to make sure it does not distract the audience from getting the main content!
  • Include data to increase credibility: With real-hard evidence, it’s easier to win over potential leads who need a logical and scientific back-up to close deals.
  • Remember to wrap up: If it’s the first time the audience is listening to your sales presentation, chances are they won’t even remember 50% of the details of your sales pitch. Thus, we strongly recommend having a summary slide to remind them of the key takeaways.
  • Give time for feedback and questions: While we try to make our sales presentations top notch, it’s good to let the floor ask questions. Naturally, when people are involved in a two-way discussion, it’s oftentimes easier to remember than just passively tuning in to a “lecture”. With Q&A time, you can also show that you care about your potential clients’ needs.
  • Follow-up and stay connected: Not everyone is always ready to make a purchase. That’s why it’s important to follow up to ensure that these prospective leads do not lose interest.

Sales Presentation Outline

  1. Cover: What’s your company logo, name of the company and company tagline?
  2. Team Intro: Who are you and your team members? What kind of professional experience does your team have?
  3. Problem: What’s the market situation? What are the needs of the consumers?
  4. Solution: How is your product or service addressing the opportunity?
  5. Value Proposition: What differentiates you from competitors?
  6. Clients: Who are your existing or past clients?
  7. Testimonials: What do your clients say about you?
  8. Pricing: How much does your product or service cost?
  9. Conclusion/Thank You: Thank your audience for their time and summarize key takeaways.
  10. Q&A: Open the floor for your audience to ask questions.

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Chris Efessiou
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