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Professional Presentations

The role of professional PowerPoint presentations in creating a successful business or career cannot be underestimated. Gone are the days when brochures were enough to win investors, persuade prospective leads or potential employers. Nowadays, people want beautifully designed interactive content that requires software such as PowerPoint. To make a lasting impression, it’s recommended for one to ensure that they use professional PowerPoint decks when liaising with any stakeholder to drive the results.

Konsus Professional PowerPoint Design Service

With hundreds of successful projects delivered every day, Konsus has the talent and experience to help you create amazing and professional PowerPoint presentations. Depending on your needs, we can create them from scratch or polish your existing decks to ensure it becomes a professional PowerPoint to wow any audience.

Professional PowerPoint Tips

  • K.I.S.S.(Keep it straight and simple): Your audience doesn’t have all day to listen to your presentation. Each slide needs to be crisp, succinct and easy to understand. Visually, it should have a fair amount of white spaces, unless you are showcasing a complex diagram or a flow chart.
  • Use meaningful animations: While animated content is eye-catching, use it only when it adds value to the content delivery, such as highlighting several objects to make a point more compelling and easier to remember.
  • Have high-quality graphics: Custom icons or graphics tend to awe the audience, and a consistent appealing PowerPoint makes them feel like you’ve really invested your time, money and effort to make the engagement a success.
  • Get inspired: When you need fresh ideas, remember that you can always go browse places like Pinterest and make sure your professional PowerPoints are a step ahead of your competitors’.
  • Use appropriate charts: What makes a difference between a plain presentation a professional PowerPoint is the use of appropriate charts, graphs, and tables. Data visualization is extremely important when you need to highlight certain valuable insights.
  • Provide next steps: While this is not required, effective professional PowerPoint presentations need to drive action from the audience. Whether it’s gathering feedback or probing relevant questions, make it clear in the end what you want them to do, so you can achieve your presentation’s main objective.

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Chris Efessiou
Chris Efessiou
If you haven't tried them, you are missing out
They are the best I've seen. Great work on time and on budget. They overhauled my ugly slides overnight and made them look superb. You must try them.

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