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Where is Konsus located?

Konsus Inc. is registered in the US, with offices in Palo Alto, California. We also have an office in Oslo, Norway. However, just like our customers, Konsus team members are located worldwide across all continents and time zones to ensure that we have a team online 24/7 ready to work on your projects.

Last updated 29 June 2017

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the work?

Customer satisfaction and quality are the most important values at Konsus. If there has been any miscommunication during your project, or any other factor that adversely affected your experience with us, please contact us and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can. We highly appreciate customer feedback and always welcome input on how we can improve!

Last updated 29 June 2017

How does Konsus ensure top quality work?

In Konsus, we have dedicated project managers to help you with projects from beginning to end. Their role includes project scoping, managing feedback and input, quality control, ensuring consistency from project to project, and ensuring that your requirements and preferences are met within the desired budget and timeline. Each Project Manager has years of experience and in-depth expertise within all of the services we offer.

Everyone working at Konsus has at least three and up to 30 years of experience in their field of expertise, whether graphic design, PowerPoint, web design, research, data entry or content writing. We only hire the top 1% of applicants through a rigorous testing and review process, and everyone goes through comprehensive onboarding and training before starting to work. In addition, we continuously monitor individual performance, both through a wide range of data-driven analysis and hands-on involvement to ensure consistent quality.

Last updated 29 June 2017

Why do I need to log in to make an order with Konsus?

Can I get an invoice rather than paying with credit card or PayPal? We currently provide the option of invoicing via email only to our enterprise customers. All other customers need to add their credit card or PayPal details to their Konsus.com account before receiving any project files.

Konsus has integrated with Braintree Payments (a PayPal subsidiary), a validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider, for PCI Compliant storing of credit card and PayPal information. This means that Konsus is not able to access or read the credit card or PayPal details. Please see www.braintreepayments.com for further information about Braintree.

Last updated 10 November 2016

I am not able to log in. What should I do?

The most common reason is that you need to reset your password, even though you have never logged in previously. This is because we have reserved the emails of our existing customers as usernames to protect your security, and you simply need to set your password by clicking “Forgot your password?”

Another reason may be that you are using an unsupported browser or an outdated browser version that does not meet the necessary security requirements. We advise you to use an up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Last updated 10 November 2016

How do I use Konsus together with my colleagues?

The most efficient way to use Konsus together with your colleagues is by adding team members to your Konsus.com account. Simply log in, go to Members, and click “Add Team Member”. Added members will receive an invitation via email to create an account on Konsus.com, and will show up within Members as they complete the registration. Your team will then share the same payment methods and company details, which will significantly increase your productivity and simplify cooperation.

Last updated 10 November 2016

Can Konsus start and complete projects on very short notice?

Yes. For our standard services we can typically get started in 30 minutes or less. For complicated or custom projects we might use a bit longer to put together the optimal team for your project.

Last updated 30 September 2016

Can I get several projects done at the same time?

Yes. We can work on tens of projects for you at the same time.

If you require 500+ hours of work per month, we suggest that you inquire about our Konsus Dedicated Team solution, where we will hand pick and train a dedicated team that knows the ins and outs of your organization and is always available for instant support. Typically, this is relevant for companies with recurring tasks or larger or ongoing projects that last for several months.

Last updated 30 September 2016

How does Konsus work?

Doing a project using Konsus is simple by design. After you send us your requirements and files, using our Project Wizard or email, staffing is started automatically and one of our project managers will reply shortly. We carefully staff the optimal team based on skills, experience and availability, and start immediately once you approve the estimate.

Depending on product and project scope, as well as your preferences with regard to involvement, we can provide drafts, samples and alternatives during the project for your review and input. Taking into account your feedback, we complete the project as quickly as possible. All work is quality controlled by the project manager.

We invoice you after the project is completed; no up-front payment is required. We have no fees or hidden costs, and we invoice only the number of hours used, even when it’s lower than what we quoted. You can pay with credit card or PayPal, which has to be added to your account on Konsus.com before we can start the project.

Last updated 30 September 2016

Can Konsus integrate with customers’ teams or set up a dedicated freelancer team on a long-term basis?

Yes, absolutely. This is the most effective way of using Konsus.

We have several ways of integrating with our clients, such as mutual communication channels, regular calls and video conferences, shared project management tools and more. Reach out if you have any questions regarding this; we have great experience with hand picking, training and running integrated Dedicated Teams. We have team members across almost all time zones globally, so we can set up a 24/7 available and elastic workforce tailor-made for your needs.

Last updated 30 September 2016

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