Konsus FAQ

How does Konsus work?

Last updated 30 September 2016

Doing a project using Konsus is simple by design. After you send us your requirements and files, using our Project Wizard or email, staffing is started automatically and one of our project managers will reply shortly. We carefully staff the optimal team based on skills, experience and availability, and start immediately once you approve the estimate.

Depending on product and project scope, as well as your preferences with regard to involvement, we can provide drafts, samples and alternatives during the project for your review and input. Taking into account your feedback, we complete the project as quickly as possible. All work is quality controlled by the project manager.

We invoice you after the project is completed; no up-front payment is required. We have no fees or hidden costs, and we invoice only the number of hours used, even when it’s lower than what we quoted. You can pay with credit card or PayPal, which has to be added to your account on Konsus.com before we can start the project.

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