How do I use Konsus together with my colleagues?

Last updated:May 24. at 4:13 pm

The most efficient way to use Konsus together with your colleagues is by adding team members to your account. Simply log in and go to the account members page. Added members will receive an invitation via email to create an account on, and will appear under “Team members” after they complete the registration. Your team will then share the same payment methods and company details, which will significantly increase your productivity and simplify cooperation.

Your team receives USD 100 credit for each new user you add to your Konsus team. The credit is unlocked when the team member completes a project of four hours or more.

If you require more than 25 hours of work per month, we suggest that you contact us or email our Konsus Business and Enterprise solutions team. We will handpick and train a dedicated team, always available for instance support, that knows the ins and outs of your organization. Furthermore,our Business and Enterprise solutions provide an invoice payment option, monthly activity reports, hands-on assistance by management and volume discounts.

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