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7 Tricks To Find Visual Data For Your PowerPoint Presentations

7 Tricks to Find Visual Data for Your Presentations

Published: August 10. at 3:00 am

Turn boring data into interesting visuals with these cool tips and engage your PowerPoint audiences. Plus some great sources to find data visualizations.

9 Real Upwork Scams to Learn to Protect Yourself

9 Scams Facing the Freelance Community and How to Protect Yourself

Published: August 7. at 3:00 am

To get a deeper insight on the reality of Upwork scams, we decided to sift through 100's of reviews from real victims and find patterns to identify and prevent these scams.

The Art Of Persuasive Presentations

The Art of Persuasive Presentations: Present Like Steve Jobs, Get Real Examples and Expert Insights

Published: August 2. at 3:00 am

When it comes to business, Persuasive Presentations are a coveted resource. These examples and insights will inspire your next Persuasive Presentation.

Best PowerPoint Alternatives 2017

Killer PowerPoint Alternatives 2017: Find The Presentation Software That Fits You Best (plus free templates)

Published: August 2. at 3:00 am

We tried and tested multiple PowerPoint Alternatives. The list includes top choices along with reviews and pointers on how to choose based on your use case.

Ways To Embed YouTube Videos In PowerPoint

How To Take Your Presentation To The Next Level? It's Simple With These 4 Easy Tips On How To Embed A YouTube Video In PowerPoint Presentations For Every PowerPoint Version

Published: July 19. at 3:00 am

Take your PowerPoint presentation to the next level by inserting videos or animations. It’s simple and effective! Here is how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint, no matter the version you are using.

Ways To Customize PowerPoint Quick Access Toolbar

How to Customize PowerPoint Quick Access Toolbar - Video Tutorial

Published: July 11. at 3:00 am

This compact video will introduce you to PowerPoint’s Quick Access toolbar as well as a guide on how to easily use shortcut keys to utilize important functions

10 Best Places To Outsource PowerPoint Services

PowerPoint Design Services - These Are the 10 Best Places to Outsource PowerPoint Presentations and Save 20 Hours of Work Every Month

Published: July 6. at 3:00 am

Check out these 10 best places for PowerPoint design services and outsource your tasks to save up to 20 hours of work every month. Stop wasting time, start today and you’ll be able to focus on what you're best at!

Ways To Use PowerPoint Slide Master

How to Use the PowerPoint Slide Master - Video Tutorial

Published: July 5. at 3:00 am

In this Slide Master view, you can standardize fonts, images and colors. You can make several adjustments from one place to be applied across many slides. To learn more watch the video.

Detailed Analysis Behind Insanely Popular Business Blogs

The Secret Behind Insanely Popular Business Blogs - A detailed analysis of 7 top blogs' success and what you can learn from them.

Published: June 29. at 3:00 am

We analyzed 100's of business blogs on various criteria and made a shocking discovery on what makes the best ones stand out from the crowd. + Top 7 Blogs.

PowerPoint Hotkeys Tutorial  to Maximize Productivity

Top 10 PowerPoint Hotkeys You Need To Know - Video Tutorial

Published: June 22. at 3:00 am

How can you use PowerPoint hotkeys to easily create straight lines? How to align icons and text in complex diagrams real quick? Check out this video now!

PowerPoint Cheat Sheet

PowerPoint Cheatsheet - Download Free PDF

Published: June 21. at 3:00 am

Create Professional PowerPoint Presentations effortlessly and in no time using these nifty tricks and tools shared by seasoned PowerPoint Pros.

Instructions on How To Edit and Customize Chrome Extensions

How to Edit Chrome Extensions - Step-by-Step Instructions with Examples

Published: June 5. at 3:00 am

A Detailed Walkthrough Guide For Customizing Chrome Extensions With Examples On How To Use The Technique.

Monster List of PowerPoint Plugins

The Monster List of PowerPoint Plugins and Their Efficient Elements in 2017

Published: May 29. at 3:00 am

A complete list of Free/Paid PowerPoint plugins that you will need in 2017, with detailed reviews and pricing.

Beginner's Guide To Business Automation

Beginner’s Guide to Business Automation: Zero Coding Required (using Kloudio and Zapier)

Published: May 22. at 3:00 am

How Konsus used Zapier and Kloudio to automate their business with

How We Achieved 500% Growth from Product Hunt

How We Achieved 500% Growth from Product Hunt

Published: May 5. at 3:00 am

How We Achieved 500% Growth from Product Hunt

50+ Free Tools To Make Outstanding Presentations

50+ Free PowerPoint Tools That Will Take Your Presentations To The Next Level

Published: April 27. at 3:00 am

A curation of the best free tools that can be used now to give a new life to boring powerpoint presentations.

Run a Lean Business on Slack Using Freelancers

Run a Lean Business on Slack Using Freelancers

Published: January 10. at 3:00 am

A how-to guide on running your business on Slack using freelancer teams instead of hiring new full-time employees - including challenges and solutions.

How to Start a Company Using Slack

How to Start a Company Using Slack

Published: December 15. at 3:00 am

5 steps to build a successful lean startup inside of one of tech’s best tools - Slack.

What to Expect as an International Founder at Y Combinator

What to Expect as an International Founder at Y Combinator

Published: September 29. at 3:00 am

Article by Norwegian startup, Konsus (W16) co-founder, Sondre Rasch about Y Combinator and what he learned during the 3 month startup boot-camp.

How We Got Into Y Combinator

How We Got Into Y Combinator

Published: September 23. at 3:00 am

The 3 key factors that got us, a Norwegian tech startup, that “you’re in” phone call: product quality, co-founder dynamics and growth.