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3 Reasons to Be Excited About The Future of Work

3 Reasons to Be Excited About The Future of Work

This week was big for Konsus. Slack officially announced that we were one of the 11 newest startups to benefit from their efforts to build “the future of work.” We are sincerely honored to be backed by such an innovative company and to be recognized alongside some very cool startups.

In a recent blog post about The Slack Fund – created to invest in software projects that complement Slack’s workplace collaboration technology – the writer discusses Slack’s ambitions to “dramatically shape the future of work for the better.”

We share this mission with Slack, and we're inspired by the recent public interest in productivity tech. To celebrate and elaborate on the idea of “the future of work,” here are three trends related to productivity tech that should get you pretty excited about the future.

Virtual teams will deliver faster, better

Google’s new, shiny offices might look neat, but recent studies show that the most productive teams might, in fact, be the ones who skip the morning commute.

In 2009, Cisco conducted a survey of thousands of teleworkers. They found that 69 percent of those surveyed said working remotely improved their productivity and 83 percent said their communication with other team members was either unaffected or enhanced by being dispersed.

Remote workers have also been found to use fewer sick days, and are less likely to suffer from depression.

Free to be you

The future looks good for letting your freak flag fly, in moderation, of course :) Not only does the future of work entail sometimes wearing sweatpants during Skype meetings, but it also means that pursuing your passion doesn’t have to be a side hustle anymore.

Why Millennials Matter is a consulting firm that advises employers like Goldman Sachs on hiring and retaining recent college graduates. WMM's founder, Joan Kuhl, explains:

“Millennials are pushed to create a strong personal brand to land a job, so asking them to tone it down once they are employed sends a lot of mixed messages.”

More and more, companies are allowing employees to express their personal brand in company projects. Not only does this help retain good workers, but also encourages creativity and independent thinking.

A world of world citizens

Ah yes, the nomadic lifestyle – a common trend among remote workers. While not everyone in the future will choose to live out of a knapsack, even those who like a more traditional, settled life will get more opportunities for meaningful experiences when they do decide to travel.

Instead of the 1-2 week vacation that office-based companies typically offer, technology can enable workers to stay in new locations for months at a time while still being productive.

A new location will most likely inspire better and more creative work, but also will help to eliminate rushed “tourist attraction” trips. Instead, travelers will be able to experience new places on a community level and build new relationships.

As a bonus, the future of work allows us to live fuller lives, without having to wait until retirement to see the world.

The Konsus team is passionate about our role in this promising future and is available 24/7 to help you and your company experience the ease and convenience of working with remote teams.

Click here to learn more about our team of pre-vetted specialists, and the wide variety of services we offer.

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