3 Things You Should Know About The Future of Work

3 Things You Should Know About The Future of Work

The following piece is based on an interview with Konsus COO, Sondre Rasch. This is the third installment of our four part series on the Platform Economy.

The Internet has made previous solutions of coordination and communication obsolete. Using available platforms, anyone with internet access can easily exchange ideas and work together. Traditional freelancer marketplaces have aided in the increased use of remote workers, but the future of business promises faster and smarter solutions.

This article serves as an introduction to the three most important factors that will allow businesses to dramatically enhance productivity through technology: flexibility, on-demand service, and algorithms.

The future of work will be flexible.

The platform economy allows for a global community of freelancers working together to instantly and affordably assist businesses with everyday tasks.

Young people in the workforce are increasingly choosing the freelance/entrepreneurial lifestyle. A 2014 national survey found that 38% of Millennials work as freelancers, a higher percentage than any previous generation.

Thanks to ahead-of-the-curve companies such as Auttomatic, Wikimedia and hundreds of others who make use of remote workers, digital nomads are getting more opportunities to break away from the traditional 9 to 5.

On-demand services will be the norm.

Labor platforms such as Konsus allow great flexibility for freelancers and on-demand service for customers. When do you usually need something done? The answer is almost always now. This is why any true labor-aggregator has to be on-demand.

From the current paradigm of work, on-demand can seem demanding, if not impossible. If you have a designated person to deliver "on-demand" or only workers in San Francisco, any demand to deliver instantly would certainly be a chore.

This is not an issue in a labor-aggregator like Konsus. It is easy for us to supply help in the present moment without demanding too much from our team, because we are present in all time zones. Someone is always awake and available because they want to work. If they are not interested, or do not have time for the task presented, they can decline without having to answer to anyone.

Algorithms will enhance the hiring process.

Finding the right person for a specific task is no longer best done through procurement processes and middle managers. Talent matching aided by algorithms perform far better than any middle manager could ever dream to achieve.

There is too much information in this world for anyone to take it all in. Products influencing the future of work will provide effective and credible data and talent curation.

Previous online freelance marketplaces served as an important stepping stone for the future of business. However, having to scroll through hundreds of applicants, interview a few and select the best for a single task proved cumbersome and stressful to users.

With Konsus, curation is our focus. We assume the cost of inviting the most talented freelancers to our platform, and select the one who is available and best suited to solve your problem.

To learn more about how Konsus is shaping the future of work, visit our site. Our team of local Project Managers are available 24/7 to answer questions.


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