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10 Banner Designs Tips to Increase Sales

10 Banner Designs Tips to Increase Sales

Published: March 13. at 2:00 am

Good banner ads catch the eye without being overwhelming or annoying and can drive enormous amounts of traffic. Check out the ten tips for good banner designs that will help you increase traffic and sales.

30+ Best Online Tools for Testing Design Skills

30+ Online Tests That Evaluate Design Skills (For Hiring & Self Assessment)

Published: March 1. at 2:00 am

It can be difficult to test design skills in a standard way because designers are unique in their specializations. The available programs can give you a wide spectrum of testing possibilities so that you can receive a complete overlook of skillset. We’ve compiled a list of 30+ of the best online tools for testing design skills and why they are worth looking into if you want to test skills for candidates or yourself.

Fifty Design Blogs to Inspire You

The 50 Most Popular Design Blogs That Will Ignite Your Inner Creativity

Published: February 28. at 2:00 am

Whether you’re a seasoned designer, a newbie just starting out, or a dabbler, design blogs are an excellent source of inspiration and education as well as a great place to keep up on trends and developments in the design world.

50+ Movie Poster Designs From 2019 That Made It to the Academy Awards

50+ Movie Poster Designs From 2019 That Made It to the Academy Awards

Published: February 26. at 2:00 am

Take a look at the 50+ movie posters from 2019 that made it to the Academy Awards, and then read on to learn how they fit in or stand out from movie poster trends.

Designing the Future

Designing the Future | 5 Major Design Events from 2018 and 5 Trends to Follow in 2019

Published: February 7. at 3:00 am

Graphic design, more than ever before, is at the forefront of everything we do. Here’s a look at 5 major design events from 2018 that have implications for the future of design, and 5 design trends to follow in 2019 and beyond.

Collection of 50 Big Companies that changed their logo in 2018

50 Big Brands That Got Major Design Revamp In 2018

Published: February 7. at 2:00 am

Sometimes the logo change is shocking to the public and draws much-desired brand attention, and sometimes, the change is subtle, but purposeful. 2018 was a year for shake-ups, and we’ve compiled a collection of 50 big companies that changed their logo. Check them out here.

25 Creative Brochure Design Ideas That Stand Out

25 Creative Brochure Design Ideas That Stand Out | How to Design a Brochure in 2019

Published: January 22. at 3:00 am

An eternal marketing favorite, brochures have adapted in the digital era to remain a prevalent way to deliver business information, and we've found 25 of the best design ideas to share with you.

50 Design Contest Winners in 2018

50 Design Contest Winners in 2018

Published: January 22. at 2:00 am

We've compiled award-winning designs from 2018 and put them in one place for you to gain inspiration from.

What Is The Best Way To Find & Hire Copywriters

What Is The Best Way To Find & Hire Copywriters? [Never Waste Time Or Money Again]

Published: January 13. at 3:00 am

Hiring a copywriter is no easy job, especially if you’re looking for the best of the best. We’re here to give you some pointers as to the dos and don’ts of hiring a copywriter and where to look for one.

50 Stunning Google Docs Templates To Use For Free In 2019

50 Best Free Google Docs Templates On The Internet In 2019

Published: January 13. at 2:00 am

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best free Google docs templates for resumes,cover letters, brochures, business cards, invoices, magazines and other marketing and business purposes.

15 Easily Customizable Business Holiday Card Templates

15 Free & Easily Customizable Business Holiday Card Templates | 2018 | PowerPoint

Published: December 19. at 3:00 am

The holidays are officially here and we have your business holiday card needs covered with these customizable holiday templates for your brand.

How Outsourcing Jobs in December Will Make for the Jolliest Holiday Season

Published: December 19. at 2:00 am

Outsourcing jobs in December will help you stay on top of your personal and professional lives and keep you sane during the most stressful season of the year. Here are 15 ideas for tasks that you can quickly and easily get done now.

50+ Tips and Tools to Create Your Own Banner Ads

Published: December 13. at 3:00 am

Banner advertising continues to play a strong role in the world of online advertising. By understanding how banner ads work and which tools there are to help create them, your brand can ensure positive ad results.

How to Create a Strong Brand Identity - Our Tips, Tricks, and Inspiration

Published: December 13. at 2:00 am

Creating a brand identity is an intimate process that entails understanding your company’s values and outward image. You can learn how to create a strong brand that will stick in consumers’ minds by understanding how top brands did it.

35+ Lesser Known Free Design Tools and Templates that will Make Your Life Easier

35+ Lesser Known Free Design Tools and Templates that Will Make Your Life Easier

Published: December 12. at 3:00 am

These graphic design tools for professional and amateur designers alike serve as major time-savers. See our list of some of the best DIY design tools for all your design needs.

20+ Free Gantt Chart Templates that are Ready for Your Use | Excel, PPT, Word

Published: December 12. at 2:00 am

Download these free and easy to use Gantt chart templates and customize them to fit your needs in minutes. There are perfect for project management or other business needs.

How much is Upwork really worth

Upwork IPO : Journey of a $1.5 Billion Unicorn | What Next ?

Published: September 6. at 5:00 am

Discover Upwork's IPO journey through dynamic infographics and what experts think about its future and the effects this will have on the freelance industry. Also find out how much it will be valued at.

35 Best Pitch Decks From 2017

50 Best Pitch Deck Examples From 2018 That Got the Investors Talking (At 500 Startups & Y Combinator)

Published: September 5. at 3:00 am

Get inspired by this 2018 curation of pitch deck examples from 500 Startups and Y Combinator. These are some of the best pitch decks that impressed most investors and got successfully funded.

15+ Best Timeline Templates

25+ Free Timeline Templates in PPT, Word, Excel, PSD | Powerful & Easy to Modify

Published: September 4. at 3:00 am

Make your PowerPoint timeline presentation stand out from the 35 million PowerPoints given daily. Use these free, easy timeline templates to visualize events, chronologies and processes. Download blank project timeline tools as your solution to impressive PowerPoint presentations.

25+ Consulting Presentation Examples

What These 25+ Best Consulting Presentations From McKinsey, KPMG, BCG & Deloitte Teach You?

Published: September 3. at 3:00 am

Curious what makes the best consulting presentation PPT? Use these 25+ PowerPoint presentations to learn professional secrets about the best consultant presentations in the world. Get the answers from the experts.