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17 Tools and Tips for Production Managers

Stay Organized with These 17 Tools and Tips for Production Managers

Published: August 14. at 5:00 pm

Production managers have a lot on their plate. With these tools and tips, getting the job done is a little bit easier.

Design On Demand, Not Agencies, Will Define Marketing’s Future

Why On-demand Design Beats The Traditional Design Agency Model for Marketing and Business Teams

Published: July 18. at 5:00 pm

An always-on world demands an agile, real-time design solution. It’s time to rethink your design agency default.

10 Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement

10 Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement

Published: March 13. at 3:00 am

We’ve put together ten research-backed tips on how to get the most out of your social media channels.

How Outsourcing Jobs in December Will Make for the Jolliest Holiday Season

Published: December 19. at 2:00 am

Outsourcing jobs in December will help you stay on top of your personal and professional lives and keep you sane during the most stressful season of the year. Here are 15 ideas for tasks that you can quickly and easily get done now.

How much is Upwork really worth

Upwork IPO : Journey of a $1.5 Billion Unicorn | What Next ?

Published: September 6. at 5:00 am

Discover Upwork's IPO journey through dynamic infographics and what experts think about its future and the effects this will have on the freelance industry. Also find out how much it will be valued at.

35+ Best Freelance Websites

40+ Best Freelance Websites for Hiring and Working Remotely - Find Detailed Reviews of the Most Relevant All-in-One and Niche Freelance Websites

Published: September 1. at 3:00 am

Find a useful category-based list of the best freelancing websites, along with their reviews and other relevant information, from generic, "all-in-one" marketplaces to niche websites that have their own categories, such as writers, designers, developers, virtual assistants, and business experts.

12 Hour Delivery Launch

Launching 12-Hour Delivery!

Published: May 24. at 7:00 pm

After more than two years of building the necessary scale, tech and operational processes, we are finally ready for 12-hour delivery to all our customers.

24 Solutions to Create the Perfect Explainer Video

Create the Perfect Explainer Video Using these 24 Solutions | Simply Outsource it to the Pros and See the Results

Published: March 7. at 5:30 pm

Today’s consumers love videos. Explainer videos are the most popular kind of business videos because they get results. See 24 ways to get your explainer video done right using agencies and professional video makers.

23+ Tools for Perfect Explainer Videos

23 Best Tools to Create the Perfect Explainer Video | Compare the Best Options for Every Budget and Skill Level

Published: March 7. at 5:00 pm

Today’s consumers love videos. Explainer videos are the most popular type of business video because they get results. Get 23 examples of explainer video makers, including DIY tools and free online video maker software and templates.

25 Explainer Videos from Facebook & Google

25 Explainer Videos from Big Brands Show Us How it is Done | Learn How Facebook & Google Use Explainer Videos to Communicate

Published: March 1. at 2:00 am

97% of businesses admit that video explainers help users understand the business. Explainer videos can come in many forms, from animated explainer videos to whiteboard animation videos. These 25 videos from brands like Facebook or Google show how an animated video for your business should be done.

35 Best GIF Makers

35 Best GIF Makers | Missing Out On The GIF Bandwagon? Here's Everything You Need To Know - Tools, Top Trends & More

Published: January 11. at 3:00 am

GIFs are more than just a popular social media tools for fun interactions. We have compiled the ultimate list of GIF makers and the best ways to cash in on the trend.

5 Financial Mistakes To Avoid as a Freelancer

5 Financial Mistakes You Should Avoid When Getting Started As A Freelancer

Published: December 19. at 3:00 am

We give you a rundown of the top 5 financial mistakes you might accidentally make as a freelancer so that you can avoid them. Don’t worry – you’ve got this!

5 Best Slack Hacks & Integrations To Automate Business Operations

5 Best Slack Hacks and Integrations: How We Automated 90% of Our Backend Operations

Published: September 18. at 3:00 am

Using some cool Slack hacks, we have streamlined a large number of our company workflows with a combination of public Slack apps and custom integrations.

7 Tricks To Find Visual Data For Your PowerPoint Presentations

7 Tricks to Find Visual Data for Your Presentations

Published: August 10. at 3:00 am

Turn boring data into interesting visuals with these cool tips and engage your PowerPoint audiences. Plus some great sources to find data visualizations.

9 Real Upwork Scams to Learn to Protect Yourself

9 Scams Facing the Freelance Community and How to Protect Yourself

Published: August 7. at 3:00 am

To get a deeper insight on the reality of Upwork scams, we decided to sift through 100's of reviews from real victims and find patterns to identify and prevent these scams.

Detailed Analysis Behind Insanely Popular Business Blogs

The Secret Behind Insanely Popular Business Blogs - A detailed analysis of 7 top blogs' success and what you can learn from them.

Published: June 29. at 3:00 am

We analyzed 100's of business blogs on various criteria and made a shocking discovery on what makes the best ones stand out from the crowd. + Top 7 Blogs.

Instructions on How To Edit and Customize Chrome Extensions

How to Edit Chrome Extensions - Step-by-Step Instructions with Examples

Published: June 5. at 3:00 am

A Detailed Walkthrough Guide For Customizing Chrome Extensions With Examples On How To Use The Technique.

Beginner's Guide To Business Automation

Beginner’s Guide to Business Automation: Zero Coding Required (using Kloudio and Zapier)

Published: May 22. at 3:00 am

How Konsus used Zapier and Kloudio to automate their business with

How We Achieved 500% Growth from Product Hunt

How We Achieved 500% Growth from Product Hunt

Published: May 5. at 3:00 am

How We Achieved 500% Growth from Product Hunt

Run a Lean Business on Slack Using Freelancers

Run a Lean Business on Slack Using Freelancers

Published: January 10. at 3:00 am

A how-to guide on running your business on Slack using freelancer teams instead of hiring new full-time employees - including challenges and solutions.

How to Start a Company Using Slack

How to Start a Company Using Slack

Published: December 15. at 3:00 am

5 steps to build a successful lean startup inside of one of tech’s best tools - Slack.