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How to Use Konsus in Slack

How to Use Konsus in Slack

Earlier this month, Konsus announced our official launch in the Slack app store. Since then, companies around the world have used our Slackbot to instantly access top freelance talent for tasks such as graphic design and data entry.

In order to help our customers get the most out of Konsus, we’ve developed the following resource to answer common questions about how exactly Konsus works within your Slack team.

Question 1: What is Slack?

Since we at Konsus use Slack everyday, sometimes we forget that it is a relatively new technology and not everyone is familiar. Slack is an amazing communications tool for teams of all sizes. In the most basic sense, it’s a chat platform. However, there are great features such as public and private channels, application integrations, reminders, and so much more - in addition to Direct Messaging. It can be used on both your computer and smart phone.

If you don’t already have Slack, it’s really easy to get started on their homepage. You can also download Slack via your phone’s app store.

Here is a peak at what the Konsus Slack team looks like:

Question 2: How do I install Konsus in my existing Slack team?

Another very cool Slack feature, is that they now have their own Slack App Store where you can instantly download applications that make your workday much more productive. Instead of having to switch from app to app, you can have access to everything within your Slack Team.

The Konsus app is free, instantly installed into your Slack team and there is no signup required.

Simply visit this page, click “Add to Slack” and you will see Konsus appear in your Direct Message list in your existing Slack team.

Question 3: So, if this is a “bot” am I connecting with a computer or a person?

Once Konsus is installed into your Slack, send us a DM. When you do, you will be greeted by an instant message telling you a bit about our service. Tell us what your task is (web design, content writing, etc.) and a (real-live, human) Project Manager will respond instantly. You can send large files through Slack, and the upload time is very fast!

If you have used our service before, you will be connected with the same project manager you were working with. Since we work with a distributed team, you can access our services 24/7 and always be connected to a real person.

Here is a sample of what a typical Konsus Slack conversation would look like:

Question 4: Ok, I started a conversation. Now what?

Once the Project Manager has gathered all the information needed to get an accurate quote, they will get you a quote for approval. This quote is based on our flat rate pricing per hour. Once you approve the quote, our team gets started immediately.

The same project manager you spoke with will be the person handling your task from start to finish. We assign one (or more, depending on your project) of our top freelancers to your project, and provide quality control and direction throughout the entire task. If you have updates or questions about your project at anytime, feel free to send Konsus a DM.

Question 5: How do I pay?

We only invoice once the project is completed to your satisfaction. This way, there is no personal information required from you to get started. You will receive the invoice to your email.

If your entire team is using Konsus, we will just invoice the billing email address. Let the Project Manager know when you are starting that you are using Konsus for your whole team, and they will put you in touch with an accounts manager who will help your team use Konsus most effectively.

Click here to download Konsus for Slack. You can also contact us via email (konsus@konsus.com) or webchat (www.konsus.com) if you have any questions or feedback.

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