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Using Konsus to Create a Company Logo

Using Konsus to Create a Company Logo

Your company’s logo is perhaps the most important aspect of your overall branding, because it is what customers base their first impressions on.

We developed this four-step guide on how to use Konsus to create a company logo, and even an entire brand. This guide helps both new and existing customers get the fastest and highest-quality logo results from our innovative platform.

Recently, there has been a trend to design logos using inexperienced designers on traditional freelancer marketplaces. This often results in a logo that has little consideration for your brand, audience, and business goals.

Even with more expensive freelancers, there is no guarantee that they will deliver on time or understand your vision, because there is often miscommunication in outsourcing. Simply put, traditional freelancer marketplaces are often an unreliable place to design the most important aspect of your company’s brand.

Konsus’ on-demand business support departs from other marketplaces, because we instantly connect you with experienced designers who understand the importance of getting the logo right the first time.

  • Konsus designers are made up of the best available talent, chosen through a rigorous application and testing process
  • We get started immediately, and can often deliver on the same day
  • We charge a flat rate of $35/hour for graphic design
  • No sign-up fee is required. You are invoiced only after the project is completed and you are satisfied with the results

Follow these four steps to get a professional and effective company logo delivered to your inbox from the Konsus Team:

1) Chat with a project manager

You can start speaking with a project manager instantly via Slack, e-mail or our website chat platform. This person will be your point of contact throughout the project, and we are available 24/7 for any further instructions or modifications to your project.

Your project manager will ask all the right questions to make sure we deliver exactly what you are looking for. Some example questions include:

“Who is your target audience?”

“What are keywords that you wish to convey?”

“Do you have color or style preferences?”

Konsus project managers are experienced in logo design, so if unsure as to exactly what you are looking for, we can provide design consulting services at no extra cost.

Once we fully understand your project and expectations, we will send you a quote for approval.

2) Receive first mockups

With the quote agreed upon, we will immediately start the project. This means that you get a much faster turnaround than with other freelancer platforms. We work around your deadline - if you need a same-day logo, we will deliver a same-day logo.

The designer and project manager work together to make sure we deliver something in the first round that is as close to your vision as possible. Typically, we deliver three to five versions for the client to review and choose from.

3) Send revisions and approve final version

All revisions are included in the initial quote, so you can rest assured that your final logo will be exactly what you envisioned for your company. The first mockups will be delivered directly to your e-mail, chat window or Slack channel. From there, you can speak directly to your project manager about which version of the logo is your preference, and how we can improve on it.

Once again, our team will start on the revisions immediately. We typically deliver the next versions within just a few hours. This process continues until you are 100% satisfied. Only then will we send an invoice via e-mail.

4) Create a brand

Branding isn’t just about the firm’s logo, but also about how the company presents itself overall through design and communications. A strong corporate identity (business logo, website design, pamphelt design, video editing and graphics, app design, etc.) will connect with your target audience on many levels, as well as communicate the firm’s purpose and goals.

Once you have a logo you love, you can continue working with the same designer and our communications consultants to create an entire brand. Often, clients will choose to create a company style guide first and move forward from there. By continuing to work with Konsus on future projects, your company will qualify for automatic discounts.

Creating a brand can seem overwhelming for a startup, but with the right team, it can be a fun and creative experience. Start a graphic design project instantly with one of Konsus' top designers.

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