50+ Free Tools That Will Take Your PowerPoint Presentations To The Next Level

50+ Free Tools That Will Take Your PowerPoint Presentations To The Next Level

Looking to create an impressive presentation? Got a deadline? Don't have extra dollars to spend? Congratulations! you have come to the right place.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there to make our lives easier. You can not only use them to pretty up your presentations but also get that professional touch and save tons of time doing it. But wait, it gets even better! They are all absolutely free!!!

So here it is. An ultimate list of 50+ free powerpoint tools to help you design, enhance and elevate your PowerPoints.

And, to make your life easier still, we’ve categorized them into different buckets so you can find exactly what you need.)

Let’s get started.


Icon Store Download icon packs designed by first-class designers. Each set is bundled with similar styles, making this free PowerPoint tool very useful for professional-looking presentations.

Map Box Maki Maki is an icon set made for map designers who may not be able to easily find such icons online. It is open source with a CCO license, so it’s free for all.

Endless Icons Endless icons is an easy-to-use free presentation tool, because it enables users to search for keywords to find what they need.

Ego Icons Angular style icons! How cool is that? Make use of this free powerpoint tool to create a presentation that looks modern and minimalist.

Icons 8 44,400 free flat icons in any format, size and color in 20 seconds. We rest our case.

Flat Icons Flaticons are neatly organized by categories such as emotions, education or office, so it’s a breeze to find icons quickly and boost your presentation.

Kameleon Kameleon has 120 free vibrant and wholesome icons (which many other sites do not provide), so go ahead grab them now.

The Noun Project The Noun Project has nearly a million curated icons, created by a global community, and has a seamless drag-drop feature for Mac users. Definitely a great free presentation tool for designers and entrepreneurs.

Stock Images

All The Free Stock Enhance your presentation with one of the best free PowerPoint tools. All the Free Stock offers photographs, videos and music with a CCO license.

Public Domain Archive This site is definitely a good free presentation tool to bookmark, especially if you need high-resolution stock images or backgrounds that are bucolic or scenic.

Find A Photo Findaphoto has got to be one of our favourite free powerpoint tools, because it curates CC0 licensed photos from multiple sources, all of which have good standards.

FreePhotos FreePhotos.cc uses the APIs from a few stock photo providers and gathers images in one place for easy preview and download.

Stocksnap Another great free presentation tool is Stocksnap, because of their commitment to add hundreds of beautiful high-resolution photographs every week.

Visual Hunt The name says it all -- these guys hunt for nice visuals so it’s more convenient for us to select the stock images we need.

Death To The Stock Photo Death to Stock sends amazing stock photos right to your inbox. Although their premium membership requires payment, signing up to receive images every month is free.


Font Squirrel Font Squirrel is one free presentation tool you should not miss out on. These guys know how hard it is to find quality freeware licensed for commercial work, so they’ve done the hard work for us.
Google Fonts Search from more than 800 font types across multiple languages that you can download and use free of charge.

Fontea If you are using Photoshop to design some elements in your PowerPoint, use this free plugin and easily select from 700 fonts.

FontFlame Selecting one font for your entire presentation is boring. That’s why you should use Font Flame. It’s basically a tinder for font pairing to make sure your presentation looks cool (and hot).

Calligraphr Stand out from the crowd and create your own font. This wonderful tool enables you to download a template, use your handwriting and digitize it into a font!


Backgroundifier Like an image you found somewhere? Upload those oddly-sized images and convert them to backgrounds efficiently using Backgroundifier.

Unique Gradient Generator If you need a simple gradient background pronto, use this free PowerPoint tool and you’re good to go!

Beautiful Earth What better way to celebrate our mother nature by using one of the 1,500 stunning satellite backgrounds available.


Design Inspiration Get your dose of inspiration using this free PowerPoint tool to visualize and check out layouts you should try.

Inspiration UI What makes a nice design? Browse through curated shots on Inspiration UI to discover what will make your PowerPoint stand out.

Twibfy Whatever your product or pitch is, find artistic inspiration on Twibfy, using its useful search function.

Muzli “Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” -- C.E.M. Joad. Bookmark and browse through Muzli for design inspiration, so your presentations always look fresh and appealing.

Duarte Ever heard of Slideology? Now you have. Duarte allows users to download a free 21-page eBook sample of a guide to making great presentations.

Designbase Designbase is the inspiration keeper, integrating with Dropbox so you will never lose your inspiration library again.

LOLColors You don’t have to be a design professional if you have this free PowerPoint tool. With 1,300+ Upvotes on Product Hunt, find matching colors for your presentation now.

Material UI Use this free presentation tool to find the RGB colors from popular social media channels so you can put them to use in your decks.

Brand Colors It’s always a good idea to learn from the best. This free PowerPoint tool has the biggest collection of official brand color codes that you can follow.

Cosmic Mind If you prefer to see colors in a grid, we recommend Cosmic Mind. Click on “RGB” and you’re all set to use these as part of your deck’s palette.

Culture Colors Upgrade your colors and backgrounds using the Culture Colors, a gradient color generator.


Visme If you only have a few projects with public-facing data, use this free powerpoint tool visme to make your charts beautiful.

AnyChart For generic information and topics, you have wikipedia. For information on charts, you have anychart. This free presentation tool helps you choose the right type of graphs for your dataset.

Infogr.am Create beautiful graphs that your audience will love. Infogram has many features, but the free version is a good free presentation tool for you to get started.

Tiny Charts Tiny charts. Big impact. Use this intuitive online free PowerPoint tool to create gorgeous graphs.

Plotly Plotly is the modern platform for agile business intelligence. You can export your graphs into PNG or insert them in your presentations.

Zanifesto Create infographics in minutes with Zanifesto. As the cherry on top, Zanifesto’s blog provides tips and tricks for making effective infographics.

Graphics / Illustrations

Kuvva Kuvva brands itself as a provider of refreshing desktop wallpapers, but we think they’re more than that. The premium illustrations are unique, so you should definitely use this as a free presentation tool.

Freepik Freepik is one of our favorite free powerpoint tool, because of the easy-to-use search engine and the plethora of resources.

Freebies Jedi If you want to be as cool as a Jedi, use this free PowerPoint tool, with high-quality icons, fonts, themes, PSD files, HTML templates and other design resources from the web.


Pexels Capturing your audience during a long pitch can be challenging. That’s why this free presentation tool can be useful, as it provides royalty free videos to keep your viewers engaged.

XStockVideo For more options, use xStockVideo. What’s great about this tool is how it shows the number of downloads, which reflects what other users think is best (and what you should get).

DISTILL DISTILL is a league above the rest. Although they do not provide as many free videos as the other tools, its quality makes it a fantastic free powerpoint tool if you want to impress your audience.

Vidra If you want to include simple product videos in your decks, use Vidra, the easiest and fastest way to make an explainer video.

Image Editing

Vecteezy No funds for expensive software to edit Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) files? No problem. Use this fantastic free PowerPoint tool to edit SVGs to ramp up your presentation.

Vectr Vectr is so user-friendly, it’s one of the top free presentation tools available to help you edit and create beautiful graphic images for your decks.

Photofy If you have photos to insert in your PowerPoint, be sure to use this free presentation tool. It lets you edit photos for a polished presentation.

Union App Create stunning, breathtaking and eye-opening visuals by combining multiple photos into one with this free presentation tool. Insert the exported image in your PowerPoint slides to captivate your audience.


Live Slides Make incredible presentations by embedding websites or YouTube videos seamlessly within your PowerPoint or Keynote slides.

Keynotopia Prototype like a pro with this free PowerPoint tool that transforms your presentations into the best rapid prototyping tools.

Noisli Complete your presentations faster by being more productive. Listen to white background sounds and work more efficiently.

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