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5 Ways Consultancies Use Konsus to Increase Productivity

5 Ways Consultancies Use Konsus to Increase Productivity

By using Konsus as their virtual back office, consultancy firms increase their productivity and reduce costs. A recent Harvard Business Review article stated that office workers, on average, spend 40 percent of their workday on non-core tasks, taking away time they could spend on more value-added tasks that fit their skill level.

What is it that they do? The top five tasks we receive from consultancies are below.

1) Photo-to-slide conversion

Most consultancies do creative work in meetings, using a whiteboard. Some sketch a slide on a napkin in a restaurant. The fear of any consultant at such a meeting is being given the task of digitizing the drawing to slides – not to mention the high value of a different use of their time, especially if the team is under a strict deadline.

It is therefore not surprising that a top pick for consultants is our photo-to-slide product. From a very simple sketch, our specialists can create beautiful and comprehensible slides quickly, even overnight.

2) PowerPoint enhancement

There is a big difference between presenting good information in a subpar presentation and giving a beautiful and comprehensible presentation, especially if it’s an important one. Consultancies inevitably work a lot with PowerPoint, and some prefer to create the first draft themselves, even though their main skill isn’t PowerPoint presentations.

The orders we receive are usually a first draft. The content is great but needs to be freshened up or modified simply to comply with the company template. Our users report that taking a presentation “from 80% to 100%” takes us just a few hours but might take them much longer.

3) Reports

Konsus can increase the lucidity and readability of a report, making it more valuable to the readers. Too often, consultancies deliver too-dull reports, but send them to Konsus to make them more uplifting.

We find that our clients are almost always surprised how fast our Word specialists can make beautiful reports using a client's company color schemes.

4) Format conversions

Let’s face it: conversions are boring, and sometimes very hard. We regularly get requests from consultants who want us to help convert data or graphics from one format to another. A common problem is that data is saved in a non-editable form, such as pdf, and the only way to get the presentation editable is by redoing it. Another common thread is when a consultant is giving a pitch and needs the presentation in 4:3 format, or Keynote, to comply with the technical capabilities where the presentation is being held.

5) Infographics

Lastly, a rapidly growing request at Konsus is infographics. More and more companies are relying on data to present their ideas. But the talent required to make great infographics is often difficult to find. As a result, we see more and more consultancies sending us data and asking us to create persuasive infographics they can use in their presentation or graphics.

We transform boring datasets and information into eye-catching and meaningful graphical representations that your customers or employees can understand quickly.

Konsus provides on-demand freelancers for business; we’re available 24/7 so you can get started immediately.

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